Last Summer

by Banadu

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Last Summer (2016) was written during a heat wave that hit record high temperatures in Summer 2015. It was so hot, all you could do was chill and be introspective. The album combines images of Rome, the occult, swimming, vacation, and has a song dedicated to the movie Gattaca.

“Heat Wave” is about old Roman cults, mithraic secrets, and a love affair written in emails. On June 19, 2013 Darksoft left a new love in Seattle and arrived in Rome for a creative writing study abroad trip. The heat was sweltering and on the first day he got lost for hours. Eerily, it was the same day James Gandolfini died in Rome of a heart attack brought on by heat exhaustion.

“Aqua” is about watching friends become successful, reconciling greed, and learning to appreciate the people around you.

“Zool” refers to the Sumerian demon Zuul, The Gatekeeper from Ghostbusters that opens up an interdimensional gateway to bring in Gozer the Destructor.

“Reason Why” is about hidden thoughts that just can’t be said.

“The Swell” was inspired from the dramatic swimming scene in Gattaca. ‘Never saving anything for the swim back’ is relatable in so many ways and proves will is stronger than circumstance.

All songs written and recorded by Bill Darksoft


released July 26, 2016



all rights reserved


Banadu Seattle, Washington

Electronic pop music by Bill Conrad Doerrfeld. Retro synth, liquid guitars, saxophone solos, funk bass, and tropical flavor.

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Track Name: Heat Wave
say what's a guy with magic
going to do with a girl like you

a guy like me's got habits
out in the moor

everywhere I go
chant pentacle samples

the parataxis grows
breathe the mana glow

Now prick the blood and write it
synthesizer rituals

when we're together light it
up in Rome or Venice

underneath Clemente
catacombs and cults

mithraic detention
barring the unknown

If only today
we could build our pyramid of glass
and watch it sand way
the dusty wind

the white moon eying over endless
my tired legs and thigh
your goggles to the ocean deep
let's breath as much as we can
before we sleep
Track Name: The Swell
swam into the night
no resignation

left no thought for
the way back

the beach is far
a distant shore now

15 ft swell
oh my brother

Surprise will act alone
out here- weightless

no guide in life
we seek out fables

Who's Cain who's Abel?

Welcome the wave
that beats you down

left nothing for the way
back to safety

it's done- cut the line
no hold on ages,

won't cede, so what's it gonna be?
I can't turn back